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   例 On mother's Day, we should send flowers to our mother. 母亲节,我们应该送花给我们的母亲。

   On my arrival home,I found he had gone already.当我到家时,我发现他已经走了。

   On Christmas Day(On May 4th), there will be a celebration.

   He arrived at 10 o’clock on the night of the 5th.

   in 2004, in March, in spring, in the morning, in the evening, etc

   ② 当early,late用于句首修饰介词短语时,尽管表示具体某一天的上午、下午、晚上,都要用in,泛指一般的上、下午,晚上也用in 。

   例 Early in the morning of National Day,I got up to catch the first bus to the zoo. 国庆节一清早,我便起床去赶到动物园的第一班公共汽车。

   My father begins work at 8:00 in the morning and stops work at 4:00 in the afternoon. 我父亲上午8点上班,下午4点下班。

   ③于将来时态表示“过一段时间后” 及表示“在……期间” 和“在某个季节,某年、某月” 都用in。

   例 I hear he’ll be back in a month.我听说他将于一个月后回来。

   In the course of the last lesson in French,little Franz was listening to the master very attentively.在那最后一堂法语课中,小弗朗兹非常用心地听着老师讲。

   Xiao Ming was born in December of 2014. 小明生于2014年12月。



   He will arrive after two o’clock.

   ④当 morning,afternoon,evening有前位定语或后置定语限定时,就不用in而用on。

   例 on a hot (summer) noon 在一个炎热(夏天)的中午

   on Monday morning 在星期一上午

   on the morning of March 8th在3月8日上午

   ⑤ 表示某时某刻及在work,Christmas等前用at。较短暂的一段时间。可指某个节日或被认为是一年中标志大事的日子。如:

   He went home at Christmas (at New Year, at the Spring Festival, at night).

   例 We get up at eight o’clock. 我们8点起床。

   My father are busily at work all day. 我父亲整天忙于工作。

   In western countries children get present from their parents at Christmas. 在西方国家,孩子们在圣诞节得到父亲给的礼物。

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