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  standard for livestreaming platforms

  Hubei province has issued China's first standard for livestreaming platforms and hosts in a move that aims to weed out misbehaving hosts and impose strict surveillance measures on livestreaming companies.


  The standards include requirements on content, account supervision, platform inspection and how hosts should dress.


  《网络直播主播管理规范》要求,女主播服装不应过透过露(revealing clothes),不能穿着情趣制服(sexy uniforms)、情趣内衣(sexy lingerie)、透视装(see-through clothes)、肉色紧身衣(flesh-colored tights)等;未成年人单独出镜直播,须提供监护人身份证和户口本,以及由监护人签署的申请书等(minors will only be allowed to take part in a broadcast if a guardian signs an application and provides details of their identity card and household registration)。

  同时,《网络直播平台管理规范》重点明确了用户举报,要求直播平台设置便捷醒目的用户举报通道,确保24小时畅通(24-hour reporting channel);对于网友举报的违规账号,直播平台应在接到举报后90秒内,对其进行强制禁言、封号(block its livestream for a period of time or terminate the account)等处理。


  网络直播平台(live streaming platforms)已经成为大众生活不可或缺的一部分。无论是用户数量的迅猛增长、资本的争相涌入,还是各大直播平台的相继入场,都预示着直播经济(livestreaming economy)的到来。

  According to statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center, there were 425 million subscribers to Chinese livestreaming platforms as of August, a significant number in a country with 802 million internet users.



  foreign currency red packet

  The foreign currency red packet, which made its debut in January, is priced at 128 yuan each.


  The red packet comprises 50 notes in 26 foreign currencies, and every note is sealed in a plastic cover with information related to its country of origin. More information can be obtained by scanning the QR code on the cover.



  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has also rolled out the foreign currency red packets this year, which is priced at 598 yuan per set. Most of the notes are less seen, coming from countries like Cambodia or Zimbabwe.



  第一,了解商家是否具备兑换和经营外汇的资格(the product provider is qualified to grant such foreign currency products),是否是国家外汇管理局批准从事外汇兑换的银行或指定外汇兑换点(designated unit for foreign exchange)。

  第二,了解外币红包中的外币是否支持真伪鉴别(verify currency authenticity),保证全部真币。小心买到假钞,没有防伪标志码,甚至是印刷品。

  第三,了解商家是否有当面验收货(examine the currency in person)、不满意无损退(get full refund if the product is intact)的保障,保证自身权益。


  Spring Festival gala

  The 2019 China Central Television (CCTV) Spring Festival Gala attained an aggregate viewership of 1.173 billion across all platforms, up about 42 million over the same period last year.


  This year, more than 621.4 million people in China and another 24.8 million overseas watched the show on television, while a surging number of viewers -- 527 million -- watched it on new media platforms: apps, websites, video-streaming sites and social media.


  Online approval ratings of the gala hit a whopping 96.98 percent.


  央视春晚在除夕夜(Chinese Lunar New Year's eve)播出,是中国收视率最高的电视节目(most-watched television show)。今年央视春晚的收视率创下新纪录(set a new viewership record)。

  对很多中国家庭来说,央视春晚(CCTV Spring Festival Gala)已经成为春节庆祝活动不可缺少的一部分(an integral part of the Chinese New Year rituals)。整场晚会通常持续几个小时(run for several hours),直到午夜,很多家庭会“守夜”迎接新年(stay up late to usher in the new year)。


  travel accident insurance

  In 2018, the number of Chinese travelers who bought travel accident insurance for outbound trips jumped nearly 20 percent year-on-year, according to a report by International Ltd.


  In terms of payouts, 46 percent of money went to compensating travel schedule changes, 35 percent was for travel delays, and 15 percent for medical care costs, said Ctrip.


  据统计,在医疗理赔案件(medical claims)中,摔伤(trips and falls)占比最高,其次是感冒发烧、急性肠胃炎和动物咬伤抓伤。意外摔伤案件中,超过一半是中老年人(middle-aged and senior people)。

  报告发现,境外游(overseas trips)风险整体大于境内游(domestic trips),尤其是一些长线旅行目的地(long-distance overseas destinations)(如美国、加拿大、新西兰等国)以及海岛国家(tropical islands)。

  海岛目的地是很多游客向往的度假胜地(dream island holiday),快艇颠簸导致腰伤骨折(yachting mishaps)、浮潜或游泳溺水等都屡见不鲜。

  被偷被抢(robbery cases)等财产损失也是旅游者的一大风险,欧洲案发率最高,从携程旅游客户和报案理赔看,欧洲占国内外此类案件的20%。


  repair bad credit records

  The Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang province recently issued a regulation that stipulates the conditions and procedures for individuals and organizations hoping to repair their bad credit records.


  信用记录(credit records)与我们生活中的各种行为相关,信用卡以及银行贷款是否按时还款、水电燃气等生活费用是否按时缴纳、乘坐飞机火车出行是否有违规行为等都可能影响到我们的信用记录,良好的信用记录(good credit records)可能会让我们享受到一些优惠和便利,而不良信用记录(bad credit records)则可能让我们寸步难行。

  所以,信用修复(repair bad credit records/credit repair)就是让有不良信用记录的单位和个人有机会纠正失信行为,并最终消除失信记录(eliminate bad credit records)。


  行政处理决定和司法裁判等明确的法定责任和义务履行完毕(completely fulfill the administrative decision or judicial judgment they have been given),社会不良影响基本消除(eliminate their bad social influence);

  各省级公共信用信息提供单位可结合本行业实际制定不良信息修复期限(the time limit for repairing a credit record),但原则上自不良信息认定之日起修复期限应满1年及以上;

  自不良信息认定之日起至申请信用修复期间未产生新的记入信用档案的同类不良信息(have no new bad credit recorded)。

  根据《办法》的规定,不良信息主体(individuals and organizations with bad credit records)向作出不良信息认定的公共信用信息提供单位提出信用修复申请。不良信息修复后,不再作为负面信息使用(the negative information will be eliminated from credit report after repairing)。



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